Runaware Joins the Rackspace Partner Program

Coral Springs, Florida (September 28, 2011)


Christina Lopez


September 28th, 2011, Coral Springs, FL - Runaware, the global leader in online demo solutions and cloud computing initiatives, announced today that it has joined the Rackspace Partner Program.

The relationship will allow Runaware to provide its customers with a reliable hosting solution while migrating desktop applications to the cloud as quickly as possible, and at the lowest possible cost. As a member of the Rackspace Partner Program, Runaware customers will be able to leverage Runaware’s uniquely scalable “cloud-shifting” process when migrating third party applications to Rackspace Hosting.

For more than 11 years, Runaware has been the only cloud provider to offer Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) a way to move their legacy (non-Web based) applications to the cloud in a manner that does not require software re-coding. Using its proprietary “cloud-shifting” process, Runaware precisely manipulates an application’s data configurations while leaving the application’s structure and code unchanged. This unique process results in vast time- and cost-savings for ISVs, as opposed to traditional re-coding of the application.

“Using our proven methodology, ISVs will now have the opportunity to move their applications to the Rackspace cloud platform in less time—and with considerably less cost—than ever before,” says Tim Keyes, CEO of Runaware. “Additionally, ISVs who migrate to the Rackspace cloud using our process will have their applications stored in our data centers as well—a crucial redundancy that guarantees those applications will always be available.”

Runaware has proven the effectiveness of “cloud-shifting” through its flagship product, TestDrive™. Eliminating the need for trial CDs or time-consuming downloads, TestDrive™ allows prospective customers to demo software right from their web browsers, in real time in under 30 seconds. Additionally, with TestDrive INSIGHT, ISVs can record and analyze the online demos to see how prospective customers are interacting with the software. For enterprise customers, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, that wish to run their applications on Rackspace’s platform, this partnership will make that transition exponentially faster and more cost-effective.

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About Runaware™

Runaware™ is the global leader in online software demo solutions and Cloud Computing initiatives. Runaware’s services include their flagship product, TestDrive®. TestDrive is a suite of services including all aspects of online marketing, customer profiling, lead capture, downloads, trial CDs, and a hosted interactive online demo environment that allows customers to evaluate real software in their web browser, complete with tutorials and detailed customer usage reporting. Runaware’s Cloud Platform enables clients to experiment and evaluate Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Plastform-as-a-Service PaaS) offerings using their own application without requiring any modifications or losing initial investment.

Runaware’s mission is to help ISV’s grow sales of current software products while seamlessly leading customer offerings into the cloud model, enabling complete hosting of software in the cloud.

Founded in 1999, Runaware is a publicly-listed company on the Swedish stock exchange Aktietorget and has offices in the United States, United Kingdom and India. For more information about Runaware, TestDrive online demos or SaaS, visit