Thank you for taking the time to utilize this support guide for TestDrive.  
  Before continuing, please make note of the following specifications regarding TestDrive:  
  • TestDrive is not designed to work over a "dial-up" connection.
  • TestDrive is not designed to allow any user to upload personal / professional information into the software demo.
  • TestDrive is not designed to allow any user to print from the software demo.
  A brief description of the links above:  
  • Security Warning: You may have received some type of security warning as a result of the TestDrive application attempting to run within your browser by using active content locally on your system. This section tells you how to overcome this in the simplest of ways.

  • Pop-up Blockers: It's very possible that part of the TestDrive experience includes use of pop-ups. In some cases, pop-ups utilized during the TestDrive experience will not load and thus it appears as though certain features may not load or "nothing happens." This section helps you with allowing pop-ups for the TestDrive experience.

  • Java Support: This is something that must be installed and enabled on your system in order for the TestDrive to function. Most systems already have the required Java Support for this to operate correctly. This section will help you verify that you not only have the correct version but that it is also enabled.

  • Active-X Controls: This particular TestDrive requires specific ActiveX controls to be installed and enabled.  These controls do not and will not harm your computer system.  They're merely established to enable your TestDrive session to operate as it is intended to. Learn how to in this section.